Archive | January 2016

Applying Universality to Systems Biology

Over recent years, the field of “systems biology” has been emerging.  It is throwing light on areas that have long been a mystery.  There are also vast back catalogues of biological research that need to be reviewed from the perspective of systems biology. Read More…

How Microbes Influence Evolution

Associations between microbes and health have been made by researchers for a number of decades, but the question has remained by what mechanism are microbes influencing human health?

A new field of chronobiomics is emerging that may provide an answer this question through researching the associations between microbes and biorhythms. The extent to which large microbial populations, are affected by and/or entrain biorhythms is still being explored, but evidence suggests strong links.

This could also have implications for those who are interested in the concept of the holobiont which suggests that microbes have a key role to play in evolution. Read More…