I am not a biologist, physicists, chemist or medical practitioner.

My articles merely join up other peoples work into an overall system.  These works have been referenced so it is clear that others have provided the individual pieces of evidence that have been used to shape a specific systems approach.   

I do not claim to have expert understanding of the areas I am interested in.  Rather I am someone who is interested in how different patterns might arise, and different elements might fit together as a process of self organisation.  This is a journey of imagination as well as logic.  As a result some of my ideas may have some strengths.  Others might be easily challenged and rejected by experts.  It doesn’t really matter – rather these posts give me the opportunity to continue to exercise my fluid intelligence.

 I am very interested in similarities between visual patterning and this informs much of my work – see https://uk.pinterest.com/aninrelluchs/
 I hope that some of this might be useful to others.
N M Schuller
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